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The universe evolves 

with lovers 

and their eternal love.

NBDR Games presents to you

an epic journey of love and hatred.


Game Features

The upcoming book 1 & 2 include:

Over 20 characters;

Over 1,700 illustrations, 40 soundtracks from ZIZZ STUDIO;

600,000 word storyline.

The complete story of Uberich: Advent Sinners includes:

7 books and 6 spin-off stories;
44 characters;
Over 5,500 illustrations, 80 soundtracks;
2 million word storyline.

An unrivalled wide stage for the visual novel

Uberich: Advent Sinners is set in a diverse and extensive world with countless scenes, spanning from the main character's bedroom to imperial palaces, from bustling streets to the unforgiving battlefields, from the god-forsaken ocean floor to the vast outer space.


Hundreds of the scenes are built upon tens of thousands of drafts, to present a credible world that challenges your imagination.

**Images are still in development

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Friends, Foes, or both?

Uberich features over 40 main characters, each one with their own independent thoughts, working together to determine the development of the story. The secrets behind these mysterious characters intertwine and grow over time. They may not all be present at first, but wise players will sense the influence of these characters from the very beginning, as these interconnected personalities leave their marks on the adventure that Joe is about to face.


After unlocking certain characters, players will engage in deeper conversations, delve into their conflicts, and uncover the secrets they would prefer to keep hidden.


Screenplays and narrations that leave no stone unturned

Uberich: Advent Sinners builds a relatable fantasy world with words without leaving room for gratuitous clues and narratives. Every character thinks independently and together they decide the development of the story.

With delicate foreshadowing and dramatic twists and turns, you will savor every full moment.


Unique Personality Analysis

The personality analysis system offers valuable insights into your behavioral tendencies, skills, abilities, and relationships with various characters when faced with tough decisions. This system generates concise reports, helping players understand whether they might be natural-born leaders or restless adventurers. By analyzing data from your choices, the system continually refines and enhances the accuracy of your unique personality profile and mentality.


Deep Notes System

The notes system documents every character you encounter, letting you revisit your stories. You'll have access to detailed information, including portraits, extended introductions, and character features like height and weight. An ability page will also become available in the latter half of the game, allowing you to better understand your allies and enemies.


Full-scale Battles

Battles are the crown jewel of Uberich: Advent Sinners. As the story unfolds, colossal and dramatic events are triggered, leading to epic battles and catastrophic outcomes that upend Joe’s once-mundane life. It’s jam-packed with unforgettable fight scenes, vivid language, mesmerizing special effects, and detailed illustrations!


Uberich: Advent Sinners features a unique soundtrack crafted by ZIZZ STUDIO, famous for their musical masterpieces in hit visual novels such as Saya no Uta and Full Metal Daemon Muramasa. The main theme song is performed by Kanako Ito, the renowned singer of the Steins;Gate theme!

Masterwork Soundtrack



is a visual novel developed by NBDR Games.

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